Residential roofing

Plan your residential roofing project

Personalized advice

The first step consists of meeting you. We determine your expectations for the project as well as the different options available to you. Inspecting your roof and taking measurements allow us to then come up with a surprise-free quote. During a second meeting, we will present you the quote and we will ensure you understand what we’re offering you for the installation of your residential roofing.

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Work for your residential roofing

Understanding your contract

Once you’ll have approved the quote, we will draft the contract and we will make sure, one more time, that you understand all the important elements concerning your new roof, as well as any elements that could result in the warranty being voided. Once the contract is signed, we will schedule with you the start date of the residential roofing works and will order the materials.

After sales service

The thing that sets a first-class business apart, is how it treats the customer after a sale has been concluded, and at Toitures B.P., we don’t take this lightly. We’re there for you, at any moment, if you have questions concerning your new roof or concerning repairs that have been made. If you’re experiencing problems, we’ll have boots on the ground (or roof!) in less than 24 hours to solve the issue. We’re aware that our reputation mainly rests on customer satisfaction as well as word of mouth, and that’s really important to us.

Protect your home with the right residential roofer

At Toitures B.P., we understand that a new roof represents a hefty investment. We guarantee you a superior quality job at competitive prices in the Vaudreuil-Dorion, St-Lazare, Hudson, Rigaud and West Island communities and their surrounding communities.

Understanding your quote

We travel to you to take measurements and to discuss with you your budget as well as your choice of materials. After that, we will hand the quote over to you and we’ll go over it together, to make sure you understand everything about it. There are so many variants that no two quotes are the same.

Free quote
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We work with you

We don’t skimp on quality. This would destroy the roof’s integrity as well as our long term reputation. Which is why we insist on you understanding properly what we offer you. For example, completely replacing the wood under the shingles instead of a few sheets makes your roof’s lifespan extend to 25 years instead of 15 years.

Quality suppliers

We use products from Building Products of Canada Corp not only because they’re of exceptional quality, but also because it’s a company based in Montreal. For our customers, this means a fast delivery, ensuring we meet deadlines.


  • Moving patio furniture, BBQ, etc.
  • Setting up tarps to protect your home as well as your landscaping from debris
  • Installing anchors – safety first
  • Protecting your gutters from ladder marks with planks
  • Removal of the materials covering your roof, all the way to the wood


  • Inspection and replacing rotten wood
  • Inspection of the attic to make sure that the isolation is adequate
  • We ensure soffits are cleared and that the roof is sufficiently ventilated
  • We make sure there are no problems caused by ice
  • Installing a starting drip
  • Installing a membrane that will make up the base layer from the base up, as well as at the junction of two roofs
  • Installing tar paper on the whole roof
  • Installing rake edges
  • Installing the asphalt shingles
  • Remplacing plumbing vents as well as attic ventilation vents
  • Remplacing chimney flashing


  • Applying caulking on exposed nails
  • Thorough cleanup of the roof and blowing of debris and dust
  • Gutters cleanup
  • Trash cleanup
  • Removing any traces of tar; setting back in place all furniture and accessories
  • Removing, with a magnetized roller, any nails that could have fallen in the grass